Saturday, April 3, 2010


I began my westward journey on Wednesday, 31 March, in Mingachevir, central Azerbaijan, at 0630 Minneapolis time, and what with long layovers in Tblisi and Istanbul (plus, a missed connection in Chicago), I returned home last night, Friday, 2 April, at 2100 for a total journey of 62 1/2 hours!  You know how one feels after spinning around a dozen times?  That's a little how I feel today:)

This is just a quick note to let you know that, although I am back in the USA, I will be writing at least four more postings about the trip: one to describe and reflect on my all-too-brief time in Azerbaijan; one to reflect on the difference between the Public Achievement work in Georgia and Azerbaijan and PA work in the USA, as well as what we can learn from those differences (thanks, Nickia, for the great questions, which I will use to frame that posting); another about the TO work that I did with the workshop participants and what I learned from that experience; and then a final posting which is intended for the general interest traveler, those who are reading this blog who know little about Public Achievement, Theatre of the Oppressed, Georgia, or Azerbaijan, but who are reading this nevertheless (in other words, family members and close friends who love me and indulge me:)). 

There are new audience members to this blog, friends and colleagues that I met along my journey, and to them, I say "welcome" and "thank you!"  I would love to hear from you on this blog.  Please use the comment feature to communicate with me.  I know that the others who read this blog will be interested to hear from you, too. 

Quick note: when I was describing to my family my brief trip to Mingachevir, I mentioned Elvin M., Elvin A, Gulshon, Gulnaz, and my Ganja travel companion Seymur, and I told my family that "I missed them already," and then I began to tear up.  How strange these ever-brief human connections are, how strong the web.

More later.


  1. Hello, it is me Lale Huseynova..from Mingachevir..Gulshen's best friend and new partner on Public Achievement project..!!!
    And in your brief trip to Mingachevir you forgot to mention about me to your family...?!I am joking...!
    I am glad for you that you are now at home with your family...Now they will know about Azerbaijan too..
    I am looking forward for your trip postings..I will read them with pleasure..

    Lale, Mingachevir...!!!

  2. Lale, of course I mentioned you to my family!:) Thank you for responding to the post, and I'll be interested to read what you think about my impressions of Azerbaijan in general and Mingachevir in particular. It was wonderful meeting you!