Thursday, August 6, 2009

Revisions to the Master Academic Plan - Civic Engagment+ portion

Here's what we did during the meeting on August 6

o Over-all Objective: MCTC will develop itself as an urban college that educates students from multiple diverse populations to bring environmental, multicultural, and global awareness, knowledge, proficiency and civic agency to their lives, professions, and on-going studies.

§ We will work toward creating a campus center [a person with an office] for multicultural, environmental, global, and civic engagement. [The current staff person and Center for Civic Engagement could be transformed into this hub. Other options are also possible.] Initially, this Center and those involved in it will:
  • Identify and bring together all the campus groups, individuals, and initiatives that are involved in the four topic areas: Multicultural, Global, Urban Green, and Experiential Education.
  • Set up meeting schedules and communication methods for each of these initiatives and for cross-initiatives coordination.
  • Encourage those involved each initiative area to establish work plans that address the college priorities
  • create working definitions for terms related to that initiative: global, multicultural, civic engagement, service learning, climate control, emissions control, experiential education, etc.
  • identify others on campus who are working in that area and encourage new participation
  • identify existing connections with the broader community; create intentional/relational connections with the broader community
  • develop graduation transfer support (certificates, special terminal programs)
  • identify and review transfer-credit courses that relate to the four topic areas: establish a review process for these courses (Social Responsibility Caucus); use assessment results to improve curriculum in these four areas.
  • increase the number and success rate of under-represented students;

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