Thursday, August 6, 2009

Welcome to the CCE Blog - Action Plan Draft

Currently, this is a closed blog, meaning that only those invited can view the blog. All of you who are seeing this blog, if you create a google account, will be able not only to reply to postings (that's a common feature of any blog), but you will also be able to draft your own postings. For instance, Diane S., you should post those goals that we started to discuss at the meeting today. Lena, if you want to post your job description/tasks for the rest of the crew to review, you can do that, too.

Here are my contributions:

We started to draft an Action Plan for 09-10:

1. We need to establish how the personnel money will be distributed ($5000).
a. Lena, Greg, and Diane are in discussion.

2. We need to communicate more regularly with Linnea about the work being done.

3. We also need to communicate more regularly with the Cabinet.
a. Michael will create a newsletter (.pdf? blog?)
b. Citi-zing (social networking site for the Citizens League)

4. Develop relationships with external organizations: use their resources
b. AACSU – American Democracy Project (Greg, Lena, and Michael)
c. Citizens League (Lena and Michael)
d. HECUA (Lena and Michael)
e. League of Women Voters (Lena)
f. City of Minneapolis (Lena)
g. Somali Family Service (Lena)
h. CTL
i. Minnesota Campus Compact
j. Center for Democracy and Citizenship (Augsburg)
i. International Public Achievement group (Michael, Lena, and Diane Pearson)
k. Other institutions of higher learning
i. Inver hills (Zack)
ii. Century (Diane P. – many contacts)
l. SHIFT! (Diane Scovill)
m. EGL (Diane Pearson)
n. Somali Community Action (Matthew)
o. Oxfam (Matthew)
p. Great River Greening (Cathy)
q. Center for Neighborhood Organizing
r. Center for Community-Based Learning (Metro State)

5. Internal relationship
a. Anti-Racist Initiative
b. Healthy People, Healthy Places (Diane Scovill)
c. Multicultural education (It’s Time to Talk, Cultural CafĂ©)
d. Global Studies (Diane Pearson)
e. Career and Technical Education
f. Social Responsibility Caucus
g. Center for Teaching and Learning
h. Climate Committee
i. Student groups
i. Three-Legged Frog
ii. Student Senate
iii. Cultural and ethnic student groups
iv. Student service
v. Sisters for Social Justice

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